Dry Eye Syndrome

An up to date eye examination is required before you attend the dry eye clinic.  We will investigate the extent of your symptoms, determine the potential causes and formulate a bespoke care plan. This means that you will only be using drops and treatments that are likely to be most effective for you, which is the key to success.  The initial examination will take around 25 minutes and include;                                       

  • A detailed review of your difficulties with dry eye including symptoms and history; we will consider the effect of your medications and environment on your eyes.    
  • OSDI Questionnaire
  • Visual Acuities
  • A specialist physical examination of your eyes condition and tear function. 

Following this assessment, we will show you how to use any treatments that you have been recommended.

If necessary, we will follow up with you 3-6 months later to see how the treatment has been working for you and if there are any adjustments needed.  This should take around 15 minutes and will include;                          

  • OSDI Questionnaire
  • Physical examination of eyes as in first assessment

Outcome: bespoke treatment plan / referral for NHS treatment if necessary