Once upon a time glasses were seen solely as a necessity, but the days of the limited NHS ranges have gone.  Glasses have become more of a fashion and personality statement.

Feel free to come in and browse our frames; we have a huge variety (over 4,000) to suit all ages, personalities and budgets, including children’s, fashion, sport, designer and sunglasses.

Do you like contemporary trends that stand out and make a statement, or maybe you are attracted to a more traditional style?  Would you prefer full rimmed, semi-rimless or rimless frames?  Come and try them on and see the difference each type makes to your face.

Bird Opticians is an Independent Opticians in Sheffield city centre established in 1983. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver professional eye care services on a personal level. As we are an independent optician, we are able to offer a large selection of lens options to suit your needs and budget’s.

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Tom Davies is a prestigious eyewear brand built on the principles of fit, form and function. It was created in London 2002 and was soon established as one of Britain’s leading bespoke spectacle brands.  Tom’s prestigious handmade eyewear brand offers a full bespoke service using the highest quality materials, principally natural horn, pure titanium and cotton acetate.

When he founded his brand, Tom had just left Hong Kong after three years designing eyewear.  Frustrated and disenfranchised, he was fed up of the way his designs were produced to standard fits and failing their wearers.  Standardised facial features don’t exist he thought, so why should standardised sizing?  Having designed bespoke frames for friends and family, he decided to return to London and launch an eponymous brand that builds on the made to measure principles of couture.

Bird Opticians is part of a network of exclusive opticians offering the full Tom Davies custom service along side his ready to wear frames, as worn by Superman.


Frame selection & design; Some customers know exactly what they want. With bespoke we will work together with you to create glasses that fit.

Adjustments & fit; The process is relatively simple. We start with a frame you pick from Tom’s collection and you choose the colour. We take measurements then, if needed, the frame will be adjusted slightly to fit with your natural features.

Order; The 4th step is the simplest of all, place your order! With Tom’s factory in London, your glasses are handcrafted just for you, on an individual basis and take 4-6 weeks on average.

Handmade Frames

Do you have a favourite pair of spectacles that have been discontinued?  We can send the frame to Premiere Optical who will copy the style and colour to the best match possible.

Children’s Eyewear

Tomato frames are made using non-toxic materials approved by the FDA.  The frames are flexible, display excellent elasticity.​

The nose pads can be attached to 3 points of the frame (5 points on the baby range frames).  As every child’s face is unique, this feature allows the correct placement and height for each child can be achieved.

All frames from Tomato Glasses come with an attachable strap as a standard accessory. When attached, the strap prevents the glasses from slipping even with high-power lenses; providing security when actively running and jumping.

Zoobug is a specialist brand of award-winning kids’ frames from London.  Designed by an eye surgeon for a better customised fit to help children see well & look amazing.  Zoobug’s award-winning eyewear has been developed especially for infants and children aged from 0 to 12 years. Since 2006, Zoobug has been creating colourful, handcrafted frames and sunglasses made to EU safety standards.

Erin’s World Frames aim to improve the sight and quality of life for individuals with Down Syndrome by providing a custom frame, fit for their unique needs.    

The frames are uniquely designed with shortened temples, extra wide frame fronts and a lowered bridge. Temples are either 180° spring hinges or TR90. The frames are finished for the real world by using a Titanium memory flex bridge.  This all mean these glasses are designed to fit individuals with low flat nasal bridges and temples (or arms) that are designed to fit securely.

  • Specially formatted to fit individuals with low bridges
  • High quality frames and comprehensive aftercare service


As an independent we source the best lenses suitable for your needs.  We supply Hoya, Zeiss, Essilor to name but a few. 

We use the latest techniques such as;

  • The Hoyalog, which scans the frame and sends the details straight to Hoya’s lab. If you are using your own frames this allows you to continue to wear your glasses until the new lenses are ready, when we will swap the old for the new in store. 
  • The Zeiss Visustore is a fast and efficient ordering system for spectacle lenses.