Do you offer a repair service?

Sometimes the thread can go in a screw causing the lens to fall out this is a relatively quick job and can be done while you wait; with a semi-rimless or supra, the cord may snap or loosen.  As long as the lens is undamaged we can replace the screw and fit the lens back in while you wait.  A cord replacement may take a little longer and it is often better to drop your glasses off before you shop and collect them later.

Some repairs can be done on-site, but it may be necessary to order a part or to send the frame away to be repaired.  Therefore it is recommended to have a second backup pair of glasses in case you cannot drive or read without them.

Unfortunately, we are unable to buff out scratches or scuffs on lenses as they are made up to your prescription and the shape, curve and thickness of your lenses are part of this.

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