I need an Eye Test, what does this involve?

To book your appointment, it is usually best to ring 2 - 3 days before you would like to come. Saturdays, lunch time and after school appointments can fill quickly.

The cost of a private eye examination is £25.00

If you qualify for an NHS eye examination you need to;

  • be under 16,
  • be 16 - 18 in full-time education,
  • be over 60,
  • be on income support,
  • be on job seekers allowance,
  • be prescribed complex lenses,
  • be diabetic,
  • have glaucoma,
  • have a family history of glaucoma,
  • have a valid HC2 certificate.

To comply with the NHS rules, you need to bring with you some evidence of benefits you receive or your national insurance number.  If you have not been to us before it is helpful to have a copy of your last prescription or the glasses you are currently using.

Some employers are members of schemes such as Eye Care Plan or Eye Care Vouchers, which cover the cost of your eye test and may help towards the cost of glasses.  Some employers have their own scheme and will pay for your eye test if you spend a large number of hours on the computer. The eye test will take approximately 30 minutes, if you are over 40 we do also perform a peripheral fields test that takes around 10 minutes.

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