Eyecare During the Covid-19 Outbreak

I thought I’d let our lovely customers know that we are open and abiding by government guidelines and are now able to perform eye examinations. 

Monday – Friday               9am – 5pm

Saturday                              9am – 4pm


Any collections, repairs and adjustments are to be by appointment only.  If you need to come and see us, you can email info@jcbird or call 2701423 to make an appointment

If you have travelled abroad in the last 14 days or been in contact with a confirmed coronavirus please check the gov.uk_website for the latest advice.  Do not attend the practice.

We would like to assure our customers that we value their safety and have a number of measures in place regarding Covid19.  We have acrylic counter-top screens on the reception and dispensing desks and have the relevant PPE.

Due to the new social distancing rules, to help us reduce the number of people in the practise, please do not bring anyone with you, unless absolutely necessary and you will be required to use the hand sanitiser on entering the practise.   We thank you in advance in helping to protect us and yourselves.

As a potential customer, you may ask yourself why you should choose us. Obviously, we want you to come to us for your eyecare and here are all the reasons why. These FAQ's should help you with majority of information however, feel free to give us a call or pop into the practice to discuss your needs with our team.

When should I remove my contact lenses before having my eyes tested?
If you wear soft contact lenses please take them out 10 minutes before your appointment or bring your container and
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How often do I need to have an eye test?
Children under 16 can have an NHS eye test once a year 16-18 in full-time education Adults 16 - 69
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What types of frames do you have in store?
We offer a range of frames which, complete with your lenses, may be covered by your NHS voucher (should you
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What are your opening times?
Monday: 9am to 5pm Tuesday: 9am to 6.30pm Wednesday - Friday: 9am to 5pm Saturday: 9am to 4pm Sunday: Closed
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I’m on low income/I’m a student. Can I have help with my glasses?
If you are on income support or have a pension credit, guaranteed credit you are entitled to a FREE eye
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How old does my child have to be to have an eye exam?
We can test children from any age; ideally it would be best for them to have an eye test before
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Do you offer a repair service?
Sometimes the thread can go in a screw causing the lens to fall out this is a relatively quick job
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Do I need an appointment to choose, collect or adjust my glasses?
No, but glasses do need to be fitted and may need adjusting to suit you; please allow up to 15
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Can you put new lenses in my old frames?
Yes, if the frame is in good condition. We are rarely able to put old lenses into a new frame,
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Do I qualify for an NHS voucher to help towards the cost of my glasses?
Yes, if you are on; pension credit guaranteed credit, income support or job seekers allowance, are prescribed complex lenses, working
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What if I forget when my appointment is due?
We have a reminder system and will send you a reminder when you are due for an eye test as
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I need an Eye Test, what does this involve?
To book your appointment, it is usually best to ring 2 - 3 days before you would like to come.
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