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Once upon a time glasses were seen solely as a necessity but the days of the limited NHS ranges have gone.  Glasses have become more of a fashion and personality statement.

Feel free to come in and have a look at our frames; we have a huge variety to suit all ages, personalities and budgets, including children’s, fashion, sport, designer and sunglasses.

Do you like contemporary plastics that stand out and make a statement, or maybe you are attracted to traditional metals?  Would you prefer full rimmed, semi-rimless or rimless frames?  Come and try them on and see the difference each type makes to your face.

Children’s Glasses
CHILDREN'S GLASSES Our children’s ranges are specially made with kids in mind, featuring designs from trusted, popular brands. Children under
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Bird Opticians IMG_3108_1600x1067
SUNGLASSES Sunglasses are a major fashion statement but as well as being our go-to accessory in the summer months; sunglasses
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Bird Opticians IMG_3078_1600x1067
GLASSES Glasses are becoming much more than just a necessity; they are now becoming a major fashion statement. But for
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Bird Opticians - Brands
BRANDS AT BIRD Here at Bird we want everyone to have their perfect pair of glasses whether it is designer,
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