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As dry eye can be influenced by the clarity of your vision, an up to date eye examination is required before you attend the Dry Eye Clinic. An up to date pair of spectacles can help your dry eye symptoms, especially when using the computer as you it can affect how often you blink whilst working at the screen and how tired your eyes become.

We will investigate the extent of your symptoms, determine the potential causes and formulate a bespoke care plan. This means that you will only be using drops and treatments that are likely to be most effective for you – which is the key to success.

Dry eye is an ongoing condition that needs to be managed; the majority of patients need daily treatment such as an eye bag or drops for life.  There are a number of treatments available – just a trip to the chemist is enough to confuse the best of us.  So because we would like to help you manage your dry eye’s symptoms more successfully we have a Dry Eye Clinic.

Some medications can cause dry eyes, as can some general health problems. We will discuss these with you at your appointment, so please bring a list of your medications with you. If you can bring details of any treatments that you have previously tried, this will help us too. Tears can also be affected by what we drink, so please bring with you an estimate of your water, alcohol and caffeinated drinks consumption.

The initial examination will take around 25 minutes and include;

A detailed review of your difficulties with dry eye including symptoms & history; we will consider the effect of your medications & environment on your eyes.

·         OSDI questionnaire

·         Visual acuities

A specialist physical examination your eyes condition and tear function that may include:

·         Tear assessment/break up time with fluorescein

·         Tear volume using the Schirmers test

·         Tear quality

·         Eyelid inversion

These will help establish the potential causes e.g.) if your dry eye is due to lack of tear production or poor tear quality.  This will help us in choosing the most effective treatments for your bespoke care plan. Following this assessment, we will give you a demonstration of recommended treatments and teach you how to apply them.

Treatment demonstration

Can include an Instant eye bag treatment, lid clean demo and sample drops.  One customer referred to this as a mini spa for your eyes.

We will then follow this up with a phone call to see how you are getting on and if another appointment is needed (usually a 10 – 15 minute refresh).

We will follow up with you 3 – 6 months later to see how the treatment has been working for you and if there are any adjustments needed.  This should take around 15 minutes and will include;

·         OSDI questionnaire

·         Visual acuities

Physical examination of the eye and eyelids as done previously


Bespoke treatment plan

Referral for NHS treatments when necessary


1st appointment & follow up phone call - £20

2nd appointment = follow up if necessary - £10

3rd appointment = follow up 3-6mths late when treatment had time to take effect - £10

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