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Can my contact lens get behind my eye?

  Can my contact lenses get behind in my eye?   It's not an uncommon worry but it's totally unfounded. There is a continuous layer of tissue that goes from your upper lid over your eye and down on to your lower lid called the conjunctiva which means it's impossible for anything to actually get…
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Can I sleep in my contact lenses?

  Can I sleep in my contact lenses? Unless you are wearing contact lenses specifically designed to be slept in then no you shouldn't be sleeping in your lenses. When you're wearing contact lenses they restrict the amount of oxygen getting to the cornea and with your eyes closed this supply is further constricted. Too…
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What do I do if my contact lens rips?

  What happens if I rip a lens?   If you are a regular contact lens wearer chances are that at some point you will rip a lens. However you should never put a ripped lens back in to your eye, the jagged edges of the lens could cause damage to the sensitive cornea. If…
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Can I swim in my contact lenses?

  Can I swim in my contact lenses? Contact lenses aren't safe for swimming. In fact the best practise is even to remove them before showering. The reason for this is that water is filled with millions of different types of bacteria, some of which can be harmful. When you are showering or swimming without contact lenses this isn't…
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