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Can I wear contact lenses if I wear glasses for reading?

  Can wear contact lenses if I wear glasses for reading?   Of course! As we enter our forties many of us find ourselves struggling to reader smaller print as presbyopia sets in, however luckily there are a range of options available to help combat this. If you would like a break from your reading…
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Can I still wear contact lenses with dry eye?

  Can I have contact lenses if I have dry eyes?   Previously you may have been told by your optometrist that because of your dry eyes you are an unsuitable candidate for contact lenses however this might not still be the case. New technologies have been developed by lens manufacturers specifically to enable wear…
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Can Children Wear Contact Lenses?

  Can children wear contact lenses?   In short- yes! Contact lenses are suitable for any child able to put them in and take them out on their own. In fact children as so used to picking up news skills they often learn the hygiene routines faster than adults. We have children as young as…
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