Punctal Plug

Do you suffer with Dry Eyes or Contact Lens Discomfort?

With modern life Dry Eye is fast becoming the most reported complaint of contact lens discomfort and irritated eyes.  Air conditioning, central heating is known to dry the environment, increasing screen use results in poor blinking leading to uncomfortable, irritated eyes.  That’s without certain medications, refractive surgery & some systemic diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis also contributing to poor tear production and quality.  

What Are Punctal Plugs?

These are tiny plugs used to block the drainage of the tears away from the surface of the eye.  This means the tears stay on your eye longer improving contact lens comfort and reducing the need for inconvenient eye drops.  They are fast becoming the mainstay treatment of dry eye symptoms approved by Ophthalmologists.  

Previously this treatment has been done in a hospital by an private Ophthalmologist as it is only available on the NHS for very extreme and rare cases.  However this treatment is now available at Bird Opticians. 

Our highly trained opticians will fit your plugs quickly & efficiently without the need for anesthetic as the procedure is painless.  

What’s more if your parasol plug dislodges within 6 months we will replace it for free.