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Bird Opticians is an Independent Opticians in Sheffield city centre established in 1983. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver professional eye care services on a personal level. As we are an independent optician we are able to offer a large selection of lens options to suit your needs and budget's.

We use the latest techniques and stock a huge variety of spectacles, sunglasses and contact lenses and our regular offers mean you can enjoy the latest eyewear at great prices. For people who are exempt from paying for their eye examination we offer NHS eye examinations and spectacles.

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REFERRALS Because we are a Sheffield optician we are part of the Sheffield Primary Care Trust (NHS) and if we
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Visual Field
VISUAL FIELD CHECKS We also have Humphrey Visual Field Screener, which tests your peripheral vision. Eye diseases have differing pathology,
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OPTOMAP We are pleased to inform you that during your next visit to our practice you will have the opportunity
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Dry Eye Clinic
DRY EYE CLINIC As dry eye can be influenced by the clarity of your vision, an up to date eye
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Eye Pressure Checks
EYE PRESSURE CHECKS We know you all hate the “puff of air” eye pressure check.  We have a new handheld
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Bespoke: Tom Davies
BESPOKE: TOM DAVIES In 1996, Tom Davies began working as a designer for a startup eyewear factory in Hong Kong,
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Bird Opticians Sheffield - Driving Requirements
Driving Requirements
DRIVING REQUIREMENTS Under current UK law if you need glasses (or contact lenses) to meet the ‘standard of vision for
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Eye Exam
EYE EXAMINATION We now offer a comprehensive eye examination, as well as the standard examination. In addition to all the
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