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Based in the centre of Sheffield, we offer a comprehensive optical service. Our qualified optometrists and dispensing opticians have numerous years of experience and our front of house staff are excellent at dealing with customer enquires; ensuring they are dealt with quickly and effectively.

We offer a range of services to our customers.  Can we have a grid of boxes with the pictures on and the title over the top – such as eye examination, that when they click on it the info comes up.

Eye Examinations

Our optometrists conduct a thorough examination of your eyes to check their health and function.  We will discuss our findings with you and advise you on the most appropriate course of action including the type of visual correction most appropriate to you.  We accept eyecare vouchers and can provide you with a Westfield receipt if you are registered with them.

We have three types a standard, a comprehensive and a complete eye assessment (please see our eye examination page for more information), all include glaucoma testing where necessary using;

    • A contact tonometer to record your eye pressure; so there is no “puff of air” test; this is used to help diagnose Glaucoma.
    • The Zeiss Humphrey field machine, the same as the Royal Hallamshire Hospital has; this is used to help diagnose Glaucoma, Cataracts and Macular Degeneration.


Standard – Covers all the normal sorts of tests. 

Comprehensive – includes everything the standard does, but also includes an Optomap digital retinal scan.  Please see our section on the Optomap.

Complete Assessment – coming soon, includes an OCT scan.  Please see our section on Optomap & OCT.

Children's Eye Examination

Children can be tested at any age – they do not need to be able to read to have an eye examination – we can use pictures instead.   Children should be tested before they start school; children with vision problems may not realise it themselves. Vision problems can have a significant impact on a child’s development and education, but these problems are easily corrected by an experienced optometrist.

Eye examinations for children under 19 in full time education are free under the NHS. If glasses are prescribed, the NHS provides additional assistance.

Please see our eye examination page for more details.


An up to date eye examination is required before you attend the dry eye clinic.  We will investigate the extent of your symptoms, determine the potential causes and formulate a bespoke care plan. This means that you will only be using drops and treatments that are likely to be most effective for you, which is the key to success.  The initial examination will take around 25 minutes and include;                                       

  • A detailed review of your difficulties with dry eye including symptoms and history; we will consider the effect of your medications and environment on your eyes.    
  • OSDI Questionnaire
  • Visual Acuities
  • A specialist physical examination of your eyes condition and tear function. 

Following this assessment, we will show you how to use any treatments that you have been recommended.

If necessary, we will follow up with you 3-6 months later to see how the treatment has been working for you and if there are any adjustments needed.  This should take around 15 minutes and will include;                          

  • OSDI Questionnaire
  • Physical examination of eyes as in first assessment

Outcome: bespoke treatment plan / referral for NHS treatment if necessary

Visual Stress refers to visual discomfort and perceptual distortion in printed text and is suffered by many people who struggle to read.

Symptoms of visual stress are not always immediately obvious. Many individuals who suffer with this condition believe the discomfort they feel when reading or the distortions they experience on the page are “normal” and experienced by everyone.

Signs and Symptoms of visual stress include:                                                                                  

  • Movement or blurring of print
  • Letters changing shape or size
  • Letters fading or darkening
  • Patterns appearing
  • Illusions of colour
  • Rapid tiring of eyes
  • Moving closer to or away from page
  • Becoming restless
  • Using finger as a marker
  • Skipping words and lines
  • Rubbing eyes and blinking excessively
  • Low self esteem.

The simple application of a coloured overlay at an early stage could save years of anxiety and prevent the downward slide in confidence which occurs in most cases when struggling to read. This quick and easy process enables significant improvements in both reading speed and accuracy – enabling longer periods of reading without discomfort.

Do you suffer with Dry Eyes or Contact Lens Discomfort?

With modern life Dry Eye is fast becoming the most reported complaint of contact lens discomfort and irritated eyes.  Air conditioning, central heating is known to dry the environment, increasing screen use results in poor blinking leading to uncomfortable, irritated eyes.  That’s without certain medications, refractive surgery & some systemic diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis also contributing to poor tear production and quality.  

What Are Punctal Plugs?

These are tiny plugs used to block the drainage of the tears away from the surface of the eye.  This means the tears stay on your eye longer improving contact lens comfort and reducing the need for inconvenient eye drops.  They are fast becoming the mainstay treatment of dry eye symptoms approved by Ophthalmologists.  

Previously this treatment has been done in a hospital by an private Ophthalmologist as it is only available on the NHS for very extreme and rare cases.  However this treatment is now available at Bird Opticians. 

Our highly trained opticians will fit your plugs quickly & efficiently without the need for anesthetic as the procedure is painless.  

What’s more if your parasol plug dislodges within 6 months we will replace it for free.

Myopia Control (accelerating short sightedness)

The most common cause of short sight is because the eye continues to grow too long. This in turn means the light is focused in front of the retina leading to blurred vision in the distance.


As the short sight progresses the structures of the eye become stretched, increasing the risk of many eye diseases including;

  • Detached retina
  • Early cataracts
  • Glaucoma

There have now been several studies to show that early intervention with contact lenses can slow the progression of myopia in children.  The best results have been when wearing mulfifocal contact lenses at least 5 days per week for a minimum of 10 hours.  These contact lenses are available at Bird Opticians and carry a CE certificate for use in Myopia Management.

What do I do now?

Book a full free eye examination for your child.  Children under 16 are entitled to a free NHS eye examination for once every year.  Children under 18 in full time education are entitled to one every 2 years.  If the results of the examination show your child to be myopic, your optometrist will advise you of your next steps.  They may advise you book in to be assessed for contact lenses or to try spectacles first.


If your child has already has had an eye examination & the results show your child is Myopic, then you can book an appointment to assess the suitability for contact lenses; or alternatively talk to our qualified dispensing opticians about spectacles.


If you do not wish to use contact lenses speak to our dispensing opticians to discuss spectacles.  There is some research that shows wearing progressive power spectacle lenses can slow myopia progression.  In Australia, Hoya have a licensed spectacle lens specially for myopia progression; however, this is not currently available in the UK.

Where possible we will repair your frames in store.  We can replace nose pads and screws and do minor adjustments.  If this is not possible, we have two companies we can send them to or we can source a new part.  We can also adjust your frames to make sure they feel comfortable.  Please be aware we will not adjust frames bought off the internet.

If it the lens that has been scratched no-one can buff or polish this out.  However, we can replace the lens.  If they are sunglasses we can match the tint or source an original replacement.


We have an ultrasound cleaner, which brings out the worst of any dirt.  We will also change your nose pads if they have changed colour and will check over all the screws.


We do not perform hearing tests ourselves.  Andrew Green is a qualified hearing audiologist and his clinics run on a Monday and Thursday (10-4pm).  Please contact us or Andy on

Our Products

After your appointment you will be referred to one of our qualified dispensing opticians who will discuss the most appropriate visual correction for your needs.

  • We have an extensive range of spectacles in stock for both adults and children and we will discuss all relevant options with you and ensure your glasses are fitted correctly.
  • For those who wear contact lenses we have a specialist consultant who can offer you the latest lenses to suit your needs. Our consultant will discuss your needs to ensure you are provided with lenses that suit your lifestyle and your budget.
  • Our range of sunglasses offers something for everyone, from the latest technology from brands such as Oakley to the latest fashion trends from designers such as Gucci. 
  • We also stock a full range of accessories including lens cleaners, glasses cases, swimming goggles and ski masks (which can be customised to suit your prescription).